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HitFilm Pro 2017  v5.0.6614.39737  Full Crack Easy Download Clean

HitFilm Pro 2017 gives you the power to bring your story to life – with professional editing tools, 3D superpowers and over 500 stunning visual effects and presets.

Hundreds of thousands of filmmakers around the world are using HitFilm to create everything from feature-length films to 30 second YouTube videos. Together, we’ve created a community of collaborative learning where we share our ideas, questions and pro tips for making great films.

Trim, ripple, roll and slice everything from feature-length films to 30 second YouTube videos, with HitFilm Pro’s industry standard editing software. Create 3D title sequences for your sci-fi thriller, distort action cam footage and get a hi-res second monitor preview of your work.


Get that rough cut looking sharp with HitFilm Pro’s dedicated editing trimmer, customizable workspace and shot-transition features. You can mix different formats, resolutions, framerates all on the same timeline and quickly import and organize your footage.

Auto sync

Tired of turning your characters into ventriloquists? With the much-requested audio auto-sync feature, your DSLR scratch audio will automatically synchronize with your files from a dedicated audio recorder. No more awkward sound delays.

3D titling

Draw your audience in with 3D title sequences and stunning lower thirds. With Boris FX Title Studio and 3D Objects, you can easily recreate your favorite title sequences – or import your own custom 3D models to scale up production value.

Next-gen support

VFX technology is evolving fast. HitFilm Pro is designed for the future of filmmaking with 8K resolution, 32 bit color depth support and the ability to add visual effects to 360° video footage.

The audio mixer lets you fine-tune your sound for professional quality output. Easily modify, balance and mix tracks – or get precise control over individual elements with mute and solo features.

What’s new: Get upgraded 3D rendering, new visual effects and presets, audio sync and more…

Downloads: new links updayed 13/oct/2017


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HitFilm Pro 2017 Updates

HitFilm Pro 2007 – 5.0.6614.39737 – INSTALLER 64 bit

HitFilm Pro 2017 – UPDATE 6 – ACTIVATION LOADER SETUP with Search & Patch
Password: countryboy
Log in as Administrator, Right Click on Activation, and select run as Administrator.

HitFilm Pro 2017 – Activation Loader with Search & Patch Activates future Release Version updates with minor code changes !

Activates future Release Version updates with minor code changes ! Restart Loader Setup to search for code, and update Loader !

HitFilm Pro 2017 Activation uses a 64 Bit Loader that I created to patch the Program on the fly in memory.

Some Virus programs may detect a Loaders use of WriteProcessMemory as : A program capable of changing another Programs Memory,
and that’s what a loader does. Add an Exception to your Virus Program if the HitFilm Loader is detected, and Flaged !

Hitfilm uses CRC Checking with Digital Signature Certificates validated by Symantec.
In HitFilm 3 Pro, I bypassed Microsofts Win Verify Trust and Crypt functions, and disabled skyway guard, but Protection was updated in HitFilm 3 Pro, and
in HitFilm 4, and also in 2017, all files with Certificates cross check each other.

If you want the HitFilm Pro external Plugins to work then buy them to help support development.

If you like the program then consider buying it to help support development.

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