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Raya Pro 2 + Update for Photoshop Win and Mac Full Crack Download CLEAN + Working!

The panel that makes Photoshop and Exposure Blending simple.

With InstaMask we now have the ability to create advanced, 16 bit luminosity masks in the easiest possible way. Not only do we have the 18 traditional luminosity masks, we also have the full range of masks for each color channel. So we now have 72 luminosity masks!

We can also create luminosity masks with two simple point-and-click methods. We simply click on an area of our image and the mask is created for us. And three powerful sliders help us craft and shape our masks perfectly.

  • 16 Bit Precision Masks
  • Easy Filters
  • Instant Digital Blending Method 1: Rapid Blend If
  • Instant Digital Blending Method 2: Apply Image
  • Instant Digital Blending Method 3: Gradient Masks
  • Instant Digital Blending Method 4: GMs + Apply Image
  • Instant Digital Blending Method 5: Range Masks
  • Layer Up To 9 Exposures With One Click
  • Auto-Align All Layers
  • Create & Delete General Luminosity Masks
  • Select Luminosity Masks With One Click, Without Going To The Channels Palette
  • Subtract Any Luminosity Mask From A Selection With One Click
  • Unique Mask Preview: See What Is Included In A Mask By Viewing A Pink Overlay – Everything That Is Pink Is Included In Your Mask
  • View Black & White Mask With One Click
  • Colour Zones
  • Frequency Separation (16 bit & 8 bit)
  • Use a Simple Slider To Create & Shape Luminosity Masks For a Perfect Selection
  • Use 4 Of Jimmy’s Shadow Luminosity Masks Presets With One Click, To Make Accurate Shadow Selections Without Intersecting Channels
  • CC 2014 & CC 2015 Users Benefit From The New Range Mask Function, Created By Jimmy McIntyre – They Make Extremely Accurate Luminosity Masks
  • Easy One-Click Buttons, Like Delete, Make Smart Object, and Deselect, That Will Speed Up Your Workflow
  • Merge All Files Non-Destructively
  • Auto-Colour Correct Button
  • Manual Colour Correct Button
  • Easy Adjust Any Colours In Your Image
  • Easy Filters For Instant Improvements
  • Frequency Separation
  • Contrast Zones
  • Turn Your Photo Black & White
  • 4 Orton Effects
  • 2 Dodge & Burn Options
  • 2 Detail Enhancers
  • Clean Chromatic Aberration
  • Reveal Sensor Dust
  • Easy Vignettes
  • Create Autumn Colours
  • Make Your Image Glow
  • Make Your Sunset/Sunrise Glow
  • 6 Custom Buttons: You Decide Their Function!
  • Perfect Sharpening & Web Preparation, Which Leaves Your Images Sharp, With The Ideal Colour Profile And Size
  • Targeted Contrast
  • Make Targeted Colours More Vivid/Desaturated
  • Apply A Precise Mask To Any Layer To Make Your Image Cleaner
  • Noise Removal
  • Fake HDR
  • Full Size Sharpening
  • Contrast Punch

Downloads: link update 17/09/2017

With the last update of Photoshop Raya Pro and Instamask have stopped working for some user so they come out with this fix. I’m uploading the folders in the same way as received, they contain both Win and Mac and explanation but basically, you have to uninstall the old version of both panel and reinstall this new.!PZ50naSY!mZ2RN70zoJyyW755Di4dJQ




) to solved this problem on win10 x64 and thanks yasinemir:

RayaPro 2 and InstaMask 1 works fine before and after 9th September it won’t works both two. If you get this error when using

“the extension could not be loaded because it was not properly signed”
Edit registry …Go to HKEY_CURRENT_USER/Software/Adobe/CSXS.7 Add a new string value…..”PlayerDebugMode” with a value 1

_ change the version from 17.9 to 18.0 -> it showed up
_ adde registry value

this is for win and mac
win – HKEY_CURRENT_USER/Software/Adobe/CSXS.7
add String PlayerDebugMode=1

mac Terminal
defaults write com.adobe.CSXS.7 PlayerDebugMode 1

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