By | September 10, 2018

PluginMate – ScreenSnap PS Extension Full Crack Download CLEAN!

Send your design
With ScreenSnap you can easily share screenshots of your beautiful designs. Enjoy using our extension!

Save time
No need to manually crop or use Save for Web. Just select a folder, choose your settings and press the button!

Create Retina shots
If you are designing at the standard resolution you can export screenshot to retina! With ScreenSnap it’s that easy!


put in /Users/whateveryournameis/Library/Application Support/Adobe/CEP/extensions/

or for windows

C:\Users\whateveryournameis\AppData\Roaming\Adobe\ CEP\extensions

instructions 2:

unpack, in the folder ASSETS find folder HTML, rename it to pl.maketheweb.screensnap
copy renamed folder and paste into
Restart Photoshop
Window> Extensions> ScreenSnap

also rename
pl.maketheweb.colorkit for Color Kit

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