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Animators Toolkit for 3DS MAX 2010-17 Full Crack Download CLEAN!

What is ATK?

Animators Toolkit is a compact suite of modular tools to rig, copy and manipulate animation in a few clicks, without plug-in dependency. There is no need for extra licenses because ATK uses methods native to 3DS Max, so it can easily fit into any production pipeline.

Form ATK!

A built in powerful macro-sequencer makes it easy to combine 27 devices in concert. Each tool can be instanced, so you never have to play memory games with your settings. Create a palette of tools and save them as presets for later.

A Spectrum of Control

Animators Toolkit gives you per-object control with our integrated parametric system dubbed ‘Prism’. Use curves to set weights, timing, transforms and much more. Cherry pick the order of distribution or use several automatic sort methods including distance, volume & hierarchy.

What You Get

  • 31 Mix & Match Devices
  • Macro Sequencer with Save / Load
  • Parametric Curve Editor
  • Treasure Chest of Bonus Scripts
  • New Features & Updates


this is a full version not lite. :)

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  1. Johnson

    How to install???
    File looks too small….
    Please help to install… and if it possible… give me link gor its tutorial….


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