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Cinematographydb CineDesigner 1.0 B4 plus SetDesigner Alpha B1 Cinema 4D

CineDesigner is a plug-in for the 3D animation program Maxon Cinema 4D. The plugin allows you to simply and precisely visualize camerawork and lighting scenarios in 3D.

CineDesigner includes a growing database of scale 3D representations of real world film equipment. Each asset is programmed to move or emit light in a *similar fashion to their real world counterparts.

How Do I Get Started with Cine Designer?

The easiest way to get started with Cine Designer is to download the free Maxon Cinema 4D Demo and then start learning Cine Design for free @

“Learn Cine Design” is our free online video course. It is designed for filmmakers that have no previous 3D experience. It will teach you the fundamentals of Cinema 4D and then teach you how to use Cine Designer to design camerawork and lighting.

When you feel confident with Cinema 4D you can buy Cine Designer + C4D Plug-In (CORE) and it will work with the free Cinema 4D Demo. Then you can buy a commercial license of Cinema 4D (Prime, Broadcast, Visualize, or Studio.

Get started with Cine Designer today and “Plan Better. Shoot Better.” LOL


19 Replies to “Cinematographydb CineDesigner 1.0 B4 + SetDesigner Alpha Crack!”

          1. John

            any news on the newer version yet. Thanks for your hardwork btw.

  1. David Agye

    Hey Zaid Sparrow. It looks like the link for the download is down man. Is there anyway you could provide another link. I would be eternally grateful man.

  2. David Agye

    Sorry Zaid the link was just unavailable in my country. Put my VPN on the link started working. Thanks a bunch man. Keep up the good work.

  3. jabu

    Why does this say it is installing Flash Player and not the software? Seems like some sort of malware to me.


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