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Download Latest Red Giant Guru Suite complete update 2013 + Presets For Trapcode Suite 12.1 inc. key at very high speed via direct download links.

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50 Light Ray Animation Presets for Text, Titling & More

Let David’s work make your creativity ‘shine’. This new collection of 50 presets for Trapcode Shine has light ray effects for earth, sky, water, and fire, plus a range of everyday expression. Your text characters will Blaze, your logos will crackle with Electricity, and your titles will reach an Awakening. Use the effects immediately or customize them easily to your project. Features

This Guru Preset offers a wide variety of customizable After Effects animation presets built for backgrounds and wipes, with everything from bubbles to falling confetti to wispy cigarette smoke. See all 50 Preset example videos here.

Add punch to your designs with Pow! Comic, Tunnel and Into the Light.

  • Take a soft approach with Moonrise, Cave and Heavenly Violet.
  • Sizzle the intensity with Heat, Blaze and Sahara.
  • Create targeted light beams with Beam, Electricity and Laser Pointer.
  • Use Firefighter and Green Beret for those times when you need a helping hand.

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Product’s Page :

55 Particle Animation Presets for Titles, Backgrounds, & More

Where there’s smoke, there’s fire — and rain, clouds, bubbles, sandstorms, swimming tadpoles, and more! They’re all in this new collection of 55 After Effects animation presets for Trapcode Particular. Use them immediately, or customize them easily with objects or colors that fit your project. Designed by broadcast designer David Vinson, these presets will add snap, crackle and pop to any design. Features

This pack offers a wide variety of customizable After Effects animation presets built for backgrounds and wipes, with everything from bubbles to falling confetti to wispy cigarette smoke. See all 55 Preset example videos here.

Add subtle motion to backgrounds with presets like Planetarium or Fairy Journey
Create tech-focused backgrounds with presets such as Matrix Dots and Info Highway
Rising Steam adds gritty realism to urban street scenes, or choose Tempest for an alien-invasion look
Learn how to create realistic looking drifting smoke and cloud motion with Cigarette Smoke and Above the Clouds
Presets such as School of Fish and Matrix Dots Circular use Particular’s sophisticated Physics features for complex motion.

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Guru suite Complete:

Guru Suite is the fuel injection for your creative deadline, giving 18 Guru Presets in one budget-pleasing package. Save over 60% on hundreds of project templates, effects presets and film looks that provide a fully customizable starting point. You will quickly produce unique, high quality graphics by tapping into expert Red Giant software and helpful QuickStart videos. Every premade element is crafted by Red Giant Gurus, industry-leading designers with decades of experience. For artists who want time to be creative, Guru Suite is your new production team, getting you started at the finish line.
Red Giant Complete Guru Suite – After Effects Projects and Presets UPDATE 2013 include:

Simon Walker’s Master Artists for Looks 2
Nick Campbell’s Vintage Film for Looks
Simon Walker’s Weddings & Events for Looks
Stu Maschwitz’s Rebel Epic for Looks
Eric Escobar’s Indie Film for Looks
Bent Pierce Awesome Looks
Eric Escobar’s Indie Film II For Looks 2
Sports Film Looks
David Vinson’s Particles Vol 1 for Particular
David Vinson’s Super Rays for Shine
Harry Frank’s Cinematic Flares for Knoll Light Factory
Red Giant Sports Graphics for Trapcode Suite
Harry Frank’s Weddings for Trapcode Suite
Vintage Film For Looks Templates
Cassidy Bisher’s Text Effects Vol 2 for Trapcode Suite
Cassidy Bisher’s Light Effects for Trapcode Suite
Harry Frank’s Looping Backgrounds
Harry Frank’s Holidays for Particular
Cassidy Bisher’s Text Effects for Trapcode Suite
Harry Frank’s Video Rock for Particular
Nando Costa’s Elements for Trapcode 3S Bundle

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  1. ahmad rony

    hello Zaid,

    i saw u’ve shared Red Giant Guru Suite complete in ur but none of thesw links are working now

    can u please share these files in torrents? or can u give me direct download links?

    with thanks.

    1. Zaid Sparrow Post author

      This post is very old + working and clean torrents are very hard to find. I’ll try my best to get working links for you guys :)

  2. Philip Eagles

    hi, I was wondering if you had the serial numbers for any of the presets? I know this is a very old product, but I can’t find any out there


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