By | March 3, 2015

In this another great tutorial learn after effects basics and this is Time Remapping! Best and simply for slow motions and much more!

Instructor: Surfaced Studio – Tobias

Learn how to speed up, slow down, repeat or even reverse your video in Adobe After Effects!

After Effects has a number of different options in the Time context menu that allow you to control the timing of your layers. These options are:

– Freeze Frame
– Time Stretch
– Time Reverse Layer
– Time Remapping

Time Remapping is the most powerful option as it gives you full manual control to define keyframes to control the timing of your clip. This gives you the power to freely define at what time your layer is at a certain playback position.

With the custom keyframes you can compress certain sections of the layer to speed them up, stretch out time sections, repeat any section at will or play back specific segments in reverse.

In this Quick VFX tutorial I show you how to use Time Remapping in Adobe After Effects!

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